European Fair Skills is presented at the international Aarhus congress on early prevention and multi-agency approaches

The international Aarhus congress “Building resilience to radicalisation and violent extremism” summoned over 200 invitees and experts from all over the world to discuss “a multi-agency approach on early prevention”.  As one of very few, the EFS team focused on issues of Central and Eastern Europe and of international right-wing extremism, when speaking on the “Implementation of Deradicalisation Programmes – The European Fair Skills Project”. It was stressed that each European region needs to be addressed in context-sensitive ways – and that good practice in prevention and deradicalisation is strikingly similar across all different sorts of violent extremism while the official discourse on the topic may vary widely in terminology, focus and political intent. The congress was held on the 19th-20th November, 2015 and organized by the renowned prevention professionals from Aarhus, Denmark.

Conference Programme (PDF, 774 KB)

More on the Aarhus model for the community-embedded prevention violent extremism: