The European Fair Skills Self-Evaluation Tool is introduced to the IMPACT Europe training event in Germany on evaluating measures of preventing violent extremism

The European Fair Skills Self-Evaluation Tool was presented on an information and training event, organised by the IMPACT Europe project, led by the Rand Corporation. IMPACT Europe is an EU Seventh Framework Programme research project, aiming to help practitioners, policy-makers, and other stakeholders operating in the field of preventing violent extremism to evaluate these programmes – and to ascertain which methods and approaches are most effective. The European Fair Skills Self-Evaluation Tool is built on practice research which was undertaken on voluntary basis by Cultures Interactive during numerous RAN Derad workshops between 2012 and 2015, organised by the Radicalisation Awareness Network. The results of this research were discussed with EFS associate partner Phineo (quality assurance in NGO work) and published as work in progress in the “RAN Derad Declaration of Good Practice”. The Tool’s objective is to provide a hands-on, practical set of evidence-based guiding questions which are effective in facilitating processes of self-evaluation for first-line practitioners and program designers.

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The RAN Derad Declaration of Good Practice: