Harald Weilnböck
Civil society in preventing violent extremism: European Fair Skills (EFS), Women/ Gender in Extremism and Prevention (WomEx), Community Counteracting Radicalisation (CoCoRa) – within the EU Radicaliation Awareness Network (RAN)
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Oliver Kossack, Bartek Pytlas
Lighting the Fuse: the Impact of Radical Right Parties on Party Competition in Central and Eastern Europe


Harald Weilnböck;
EFS at IUVENTA’s national youth work conference in Bratislava in June 2016 – and the subsequent meeting with Slovakia’s President Andrej Kiska
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Silke Baer, Oliver Kossack, Anika Posselius
Gender Might Be the Key. Gender-Reflective Approaches and Guidelines in Prevention of and Intervention in Right-Wing Extremism in Europe


Harald Weilnböck, Dirk Lamprecht
YouTubing Video Workshop and We Amongst Ourselves Group. Activities from the European Fair Skills Concept and the CoCoRa Initiative
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Harald Weilnböck
The We Amongst Ourselves Group in Preventing Extremism – in Cultures Interactive’s European Fair Skills Project
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Cultures Interactive e.V.
Conclusions from European Fair Skills’ transfer of good practice – in view of further work in preventing group hatred and violent right-wing extremism in Central and Eastern Europe
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